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Valentino Rossi Profile


Born in Urbino, Italy on 16th February 1979, Rossi was riding bikes from an early age thanks to the influence of his father Graziano, himself a former Grand Prix winner. Following an early start in go-karts, Rossi junior progressed to minimotos and quickly showed a talent for two-wheels, becoming regional champion in 1992. The next few years saw him quickly rise up through ranks of junior road racing, claiming the Italian Sport Production Championship in 1994 and the Italian 125cc Championship in 1995. The latter, twinned with an impressive 3rd place in the 125cc European Championship, was enough to secure him a ride in the World Championship the following year. 
Valentino Rossi entered Grand Prix racing in 1996 and his natural skill and charisma quickly made him a huge fan favourite. The nine-time World Champion’s remarkable career is defined by record-breaking achievements - including being the only rider in history to lift 125, 250, 500 and MotoGP™ titles - and is the sole premier class winner on 500cc, 990cc and 800cc machinery.
The Italian dominated the MotoGP™ four-stroke series on-board the Honda RC211V, then switched to Yamaha in 2004, Rossi made history by moving to Yamaha in 2004 and winning the season-opening Grand Prix in South Africa, becoming the first rider in the history of the sport to win back-to-back premier class races for different manufacturers. He went on to win nine out of 16 races, finally clinching the World Championship title, Yamaha`s first for 12 years, with victory at the penultimate Grand Prix in Phillip Island. A final win at the Valencia Grand Prix also ensured that the Yamaha Factory Team won the team title. His 2011 move to Ducati was marked by constant challenge as the manufacturer struggled against the Japanese competition.
Rossi entered 2012 with the intent to regain his spot amongst the front-runners yet, despite two podium finishes, did not enjoy a significant turnaround. In 2013 he returned to his old Yamaha team, rejoining forces with Jorge Lorenzo; the challenge began with second place in Qatar and ‘The Doctor’ was back to winning ways at Assen, but despite six rostrum results ended the year 97 points behind rookie title winner Marc Marquez in fourth overall.
For 2014, Rossi began working with new Crew Chief Silvano Galbusera and changed his riding style – reinventing himself and improving results to take two more wins, 13 podiums and the runner-up spot in the championship. He is signed to remain with Yamaha in 2015 and 2016 and was a title contender till the final round in Valencia. Rossi would claim four wins and begin the 2015 season with a run of 12 podium finishes, taking a total of 15 during the year. Malaysia marked a dark spot in both Rossi’s season and career as an off track feud with Marquez reached a dramatic end on track, resulting in Rossi starting from the back of the grid in Valencia. The Doctor lost out on a tenth title by five points to Jorge Lorenzo, determined to take title number ten in 2016.
Valentino Rossi is considered as at GOAT (greatest of all time) in MotoGP history and his loyal fan base all over the world definitely represents that. Not only is he a massive rider within the MotoGP championship he now has a huge brand recognised by many - VR46. Valentino Rossi for many years has been producing his own fan wear merchandise which just keeps getting bigger as the years go on! His most famous pieces from his range can be seen as his sponsors cap which he is constantly wearing to any of the MotoGP press conferences which is definitely his biggest selling cap every year. The 2016 cap is shown below and has been a great hit for his fans in 2016. You can buy it here.
Since dominating the 500 cc category later known as MotoGP, "The Doctor" has become the nickname of choice for Rossi. Two theories prevail as to why Rossi uses "The Doctor." One is that Rossi adopted the nickname upon having earned a degree, which in Italy entitles one to use the title "Doctor." Another, as spoken by Graziano himself, "The Doctor because, I don't think there is a particular reason, but it's beautiful, and is important, The Doctor. And in Italy, The Doctor is a name you give to someone for respect, it's very important, The Doctor... important." Rossi often jokes, however, that the name arrived because in Italy, Rossi is a common surname for doctors. As well as having 'The Doctor' incorporated on his leathers he has also included the nickname into his range of t-shirts, hoodies, caps and accessories. But there are so many to chose from! Which Valentino Rossi t-shirts are the most popular? The Yellow The Doctor t-shirts are 100% up their, you can always spot the fans in the crowd wearing the famous yellow t's! Check out the t-shirts below from his 2016 range.
The 2017 MotoGP season will see Rossi through with the Yamaha M1 team again as he just recently signed a two year contact with Yamaha. Safe to say the MotoGP fans will not be dissapointed to see him stay for a further two years as there was slight speculation he may have retired.  
We're looking forward to see what happens with the Italian rider in the up and coming years hoping he will soon get the tenth world championship title he deserves.